Creative Caribbean: Grants for Strengthening the Enabling Environment. Deadline: June 2

Creative Caribbean launched last week. In addition to the 7 grants for practitioners, the fund offers 4 grants to strengthen the enabling environment for creatives.

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 enabling environment grants. 🧵👇🏿

1. Visual Literacy/Performing Arts

For what: curricula, training, emerging institutions, programmes, content; support for cinema/theatre and institutions of artistic education, dance schools, writers’ residencies, on-the-job training, peer learning, e‑learning.

1. Visual Literacy/Performing Arts (cont’d)

Who can apply: Secondary/tertiary institutions, Local authorities, Government Agencies, nationa/regional examining bodies; registered o, entities and individuals and those with proven track records in CCI projects

2. National Artist Registry

For what: Develop national registries, mobile apps, software, interdisciplinary texts, websites

Who can apply: Agencies/Departments (quasi-government), Local Authorities, Digital Specialists, Students, Legal professionals/institutions

3. Cultural Policy, National Implementation Plans, Legislation, Institutional Strengthening

Who can apply: Creative clusters/hubs, professional associations and guilds, Agencies/Departments (quasi-government), Local Authorities, other organisations or groups

4. Creative City Sub-sector Accelerators

For what: activation of new skills, networks or market access, equipment and materials for institutional strengthening, tech platforms, marketing or in-country training of additional persons by accelerator participants

4. Creative City Sub-sector Accelerators (cont’d)

Who can apply: Creative hubs and cities: professional arts organizations, guilds, communities, cultural associations, non-profits, festivals in music, film, animation and gaming and visual arts

Deadline for submissions is June 2, 2022.

Download the details for the grants here:


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