New Grants for Caribbean Creatives. Deadline: June 2

Kellie Magnus
2 min readApr 23, 2022


Creative Caribbean launched new grants this week.

Part of a global @acpeuculture initiative, the project is being implemented by @CaribbeanUnesco @UWImona and @CARICOMorg org

Here’s a breakdown of the 7 industry grants announced for creative and cultural practitioners 🧵👇🏿

1. Festival Development and Marketplace, Work Placement & Knowledge Transfer (awards up to USD 179,000)

2. Artist Mobility — artist residencies (awards up to USD 17,000)

3. Product Development and Content Production (awards up to USD 29,000)

4. Grants for Professional Associations (awards up to USD 19,000).

For what: Festival development, marketplace, work placement, knowledge transfer, artist mobility, product/content development

Who can apply: existing festivals, professional associations, registered CCIs

5. Small Grants for Emerging Creative Content Originator (awards up to USD 19,000)

For what: product/service development, new skills, networks or market access, development of tech platforms, enhanced marketing

5 cont’d. Small Grants for Emerging Creative Content Originators

Who can apply: students, new practitioners (1–5 years with or without formal training); established creatives who produce curricula and content for children, adolescents, youth, at-risk or vulnerable groups; women

6. Scaling Grants for Export-Ready Creatives (awards up to USD 29,000)

For what: product/service development, activation of new skills,

networks, market intelligence or access, development of tech platforms, marketing.

Who can apply: established/export-ready CCIs.

7. CCI Festival Business Exchange Networks and Fora (awards up to USD


For what: regional festival, development of content or business or support tools.

7 cont’d. CCI Festival Business Exchange Networks and Fora

Who can apply: secondary/tertiary institutions, Agencies/Departments, Local Authorities, examining bodies; Registered Organisations, Entities and Individuals (OEIs) and those with proven track record in CCI projects.

Creative Caribbean Industry Grants (max in USD)

  1. Festival Development (179,000)
  2. Artist Mobility (17,000)
  3. Product and Content (29,000)
  4. Professional Associations (19,000).
  5. Emerging Creatives (19,000)
  6. Export Readiness (29,000)
  7. Business Networks (35,000)

Download the details for the Creative Caribbean grants here:


Deadline for submissions is June 2, 2022.

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